"Ishshah" The Women's Conference 2017

As a bride adorned
Tr.Fuorr by the spirit of God exhorted the saints on the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He went ahead to say every one in the world should hear this"Jesus Is Coming back".
The new creation is the bride arranged, made ready, prepared and embelished with honor.The church is the holy city, Jerusalem and is the body of Christ coming down from God out of heaven and they have been prepared with minds ready to receive the messiah.

He later spoke on the 10 things as a result of Rev21:2, one of them being the privilege of Christ membership, given all the blessings of the new convenant among many others. Finally because we are brought forth from above, we should be excited about Him coming back for a bride, church without spot or wrinkle[eph5:27]
You are one with Him[1cor6:17] all christians were filled with joy and strengthened with might to move forward.