These are smaller sections that help the GOVERNING COUNCIL on the effective running of the ministry. They deal with specific areas of the ministry. The DIRECTORATES are assigned by the GOVERNING COUNCIL to do work on their behalf, before God for his PEOPLE

Work With Us Through the Following Directorates

Location fellowships

This Directorate is run by a Director, a Deputy Director and an Associate Director for Operations who are charged with the responsibility of guiding fellowships in various localities. They organize and facilitate the exercise of free worship. They implement biblical doctrines to make free worship efficient

Missions and Outreach.

They are to develop a personal relationship with partners by regular emails, phone calls and extensive contact with them in every way possible. They must seek to build a growing and meaningful bond between the ministry and other partners and work together with all directors in promoting and encouraging missions

Campus Fellowships.

These are charged with the duty of planting and imparting the life of God in students in places of learning. They do this with the skills they have acquired. This is a good platform for students to exercise who they are.

Music, Voice and Sound.

These are charged charged with the responsibility to develop and administer an effective, well rounded music program and provide leadership and supervision of professionals and volunteers involved in this ministry. They are to plan and implement appropriate music for services, conferences and crusades

Media and Publication

These are are charged with the responsibility of providing leadership in the development, implementation and evaluation of the ministry library media programs to promote members’ learning and ministry effectiveness. They are to advocate for media programs. Maintain all ministry materials in good shape. Develop a software for managing all ministry multimedia, visual and audio materials. Initiate collaboration with other libraries to share resources that enhance ministry growth..

Finance and Revenue

These are charged with the responsibility of applying financial principles and procedures to analyse financial information, and also carry out accurate preparation of timely reports and statements and ensure appropriate financial procedures.

Special Ministries

These are are charged with managing special groups to bring fruits in service. Empowering the people in special groups shall be their mandate.

External Liaison

These are in charge of operations who are charged with the responsibility of corporately corresponding with institutions, organizations, government, and individual’s among others concerning their interests in the ministry. They act as the general reception of the Ministry.


These are are responsible for the property, and assets that belong to the ministry, whether movable or immovable. They are charged with keeping records and maintained of such. Holdings will keep a register of assets and liabilities of the whole ministry in respectively of their locations, whether movable or immovable.

International Dialogue

These are those who are charged with creating an open dialogue window with the whole world to ensure that the word is ministered to all.

Present Truth Church

These are are charged with the responsibility of generally running and management of the headquarter church and other sublet churches all over

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